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Things you may want to know about Lenny Rosen

How long have you been a photographer? – Over 14 years.  I was a professional photographer in Columbus, Ohio, Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta and Boynton Beach.  I photographed over 300 weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events and special occasions.

What sets you apart from other event photographers? - My ability to portray the emotions and events of the special day in an unscripted, unobtrusive manner.  I take a fresh and colorful approach to each and every event with unmatched style, vision and creativity.  I have a sharp eye for capturing raw candid emotion.  I have an artistic style which is event photojournalism with an edge at its very best.

With what kind of client do you feel you work best? - I like to work with a client that wants to communicate and work with me.  My clients appreciate the amount of effort it takes to capture the story and emotion of the day.  They are willing to spend some time in advance of the event to sit down and consult with me about what their photography expectations are.  Communication and rapport are both very beneficial to the final outcome of the photographs.

Do you work alone? -  No, but I can.   I let the client decide if they want a second photographer.  I prefer to have a second photographer with me for large events.  I also like to use a lighting assistant.  I am the main photographer at the event and I take the lead.  The second photographer takes alternate angles of view and tries to get additional shots that he or she sees that can add to the story.  There are times that a second photographer can go to the next location and start photographing while I am finishing up with a former location.

Do you bring back up equipment? - Yes!  That is very important.  I am photographing an event that cannot be recreated later.  I have to be prepared with back up equipment in case of an unlikely equipment failure.  .   I photograph with Nikon professional digital equipment.

Are you insured? - Yes.  I have equipment insurance and I am indemnified thru the Professional Photographers of America.  I also have liability incurance.  Photography by Lenny is a division of Enhanced Images Incorporated, a Georgia corporation.

Do you do more than one event a day? - No!  I only photograph one event per day.  No matter how large or small.  I don't hire other photographers to photograph additional events for me.  I don't think that's fair to my customers.

Can we look at a full gallery of event photographs? - Yes!  I recommend that you do that with any photographer you are considering.  Every photographer is an artist and has their own artistic style.  This is common among all artists including musicians.  You must be able to see the photographer's style to determine if you will like it.   If not, keep shopping until you find a photographer with a style you like.

Can we meet in person? - Yes!  I want to sit down with you and hear about your plans.  It is important that you get along with your photographer.  You will spend more time with you photographer prior to and during the day of the event than any other vendor.  Make sure you like your photographer!